Senescence II

9 10 2010

Långholmen sunset silhouette

26 07 2010
Långholmen beach sunset July 2010 child mother water sun light warm summer

Långholmen sunset 22 July 2010.

Total eclipse by balloon

3 06 2010

Total eclipse by balloon, Stockholm 2010

Is this “meant to be serious?”

16 05 2010
this is not a pipe René Magritte Elizabeth Riley Ed Ruscha treachery of images

Dedicated to René Magritte, Bridget Riley, Ed Ruscha and Kasimir Malevich

Extremophiles I

18 04 2010
extremophiles Iceland Seltún-Krýsuvik geothermal hydrothermal mud pools

Colours from a zoo of bacteria, archeae and other thermophilic microrganisms growing in the boiling mud pools at Seltún, Iceland

Museum dreamscape II

13 04 2010

museum dream surreal carl milles sculpture

Desert Scene 1

10 04 2010

desert landscape

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