Primate vision IV

9 05 2011

Inside the lions yawn II

11 09 2010
The gaping yawn of a young male lion Motswari Kruger South Africa

Gaping yawn, teeth and hairy tongue of a young male lion Motswari Kruger South Africa

Red rumped parrot in flight with artificial digital turbulent wake

6 06 2010
red rumped parrot digital painting turbulence flight bird

I caught a glimpse of this shy but apparently common bird in a 400 mm telephoto zoom. Some digital turbulence was added as homage to their fleetness towards my lens.

Cherry Blossom and Bee IV

29 05 2010
nectar bloom bumble bee cherry blossom Stockholm spring Kungsträdgågen flower photography

Buzzing the bloom on a spring afternoon

Natural self-assembled photonic paintings- inspiration for a post-pointillist

4 05 2010
Pachyrrhyncus gemmatus color colour

A beetle in colour under a low powered microscope. This may as well be a painting, a pointillist painting, or rather a 'post-pointillist' painting. To be post-pointillistic, I would recommend moving beyond the dyes and pigments of Seurat and Signac - on to a new use of light compared with conventional pointillism. A dot painting made of photonic crystals can make colour without normal dyes or pigments. A pointillist painting with no dyes or pigments? That equals post-pointillism to some extent surely? Christian Mille and I are studying these. Specimen NHM, Stockholm.

Icelandic horse and Eyjafjallajökull volcano

20 04 2010

Icelandic horse IV

18 04 2010
Icelandic horse Iceland mountains volcanic

Icelandic horse in the late afternoon sun - early August 2007

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