Hötorget Market Stockholm

24 10 2010

Hötorget market Haymarket Stockholm woamn

Mälaren algal bloom composition I

10 10 2010
algae algal bloom Mälaren Stockholm lake shadows reeds water

Algal bloom Norr Mälarstrand Lake Mälaren Stockholm 9 October 2010


24 08 2010
ordered 2d periodic surface with perspective

ordered 2d periodic surface with perspective

Ripple waves, dock and sailboat – Mefjärd island Stockholm archipelago

14 08 2010

sailboat silhouette Stockholm archipelago waves ripples dock island Mefjärd summer 2010

Pyrotechnics over Långholmen – I

11 08 2010
fireworks glow clouds red concert Lars Winnerbäck Långholmen Stockholm 2010

Fireworks make the clouds glow red after the first of three concerts by Lars Winnerbäck at Långholmen Stockholm 2010


7 08 2010

color black colour shapes negative space positive Miro Picasso digital painting graphic design shape generator

Fauve girl XIII

3 08 2010

Fauve girl colour purple pink orange brown lilac vampire

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