Sermeq Avannarleq glacier, Torsukattak ice fjord, western Greenland late May 2013

27 09 2013

Sermeq-Avannarleq glacier, Greenland

A view of the Sermeq Avannarleq glacier in Western Greenland and its ice front, 29th May 2013. Take out the window during a flight from London to San Francisco. I did not know which glacier it was until late September when I found it on Google Earth at 70° 3’3.24″N, 50°19’1.22″W. Click on the photo for a full size view. According to the Byrd Polar Research Center, the Sermeq Avannarleq glacier lost 2 square miles from its ice front in 2007 and again in 2008. Increasingly rapid movement of this and other glaciers in south west Greenland  is likely caused by surface melt waters percolating into the glacier, warming and lubricating the ice. You can find more scientific details in the AGU press release about  Phillips et al., 2013.

Night time on the Grand Canal – Venice, Graphic distortion XVI

23 08 2013


Grand Canal, Venice – night shot

22 08 2013


Liquid crystal

17 04 2013
liquid crystal of copper carboxylate branched chain fatty acid

Colourful textures of a hexagonal liquid crystalline copper carboxylate

Arnolfo di Cambio II

29 10 2012

Black and white photograph of a sculpture of Arnolfo di Cambio. Taken in the morning light by the Duomo in Florence, Italy

Birdsville Hotel, Queensland, Australia

30 03 2012


Birdsville Hotel, Queensland, Australia

Primate vision IV

9 05 2011

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