Arnolfo di Cambio II

29 10 2012

Black and white photograph of a sculpture of Arnolfo di Cambio. Taken in the morning light by the Duomo in Florence, Italy

Hötorget Market Stockholm

24 10 2010

Hötorget market Haymarket Stockholm woamn

Cart haulers Shanghai 2009

15 08 2010
cart haulers Shanghai night city scene

Carting wood through Shanghai at night

Mode 8

31 07 2010

mode fashion female woman face eyes hair looking down red blue black white vampire

Långholmen sunset silhouette

26 07 2010
Långholmen beach sunset July 2010 child mother water sun light warm summer

Långholmen sunset 22 July 2010.

Transylvanian vampiress II

10 07 2010

vampire girl Neuschwanstein

Multi-Princess 8f-I

3 07 2010

princess Victoria Sweden Warhol

Princess Victoria portrait VI-c

24 06 2010

Digitally hand coloured black and white photo. Copyright 2010 Robert Corkery

Street fashion in a soldier line II

1 06 2010
fashion street soldiers patrol Stockholm woman machine guns

on patrol and in step

Arnolfo di Cambio IX

27 04 2010
Arnolfo di Cambio IX sculpture Florence Piazza del Duomo by Luigi Pampaloni, Firenze, Florence, Italy

Hand coloured digital photograph of a Luigi Pampaloni sculpture. The featured Tuscan sculptor and architect, Arnolfio di Cambio, worked in Florence in the 13th century . I painted the colours of di Cambio as they might have been - not necessarily as they were. Update: 7 Aug 2010 - The photography for this image was take just after sunrise in Florence, 2009. Digitally coloured April 2010.

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