Night time on the Grand Canal – Venice, Graphic distortion XVI

23 08 2013


Grand Canal, Venice – night shot

22 08 2013


Arnolfo di Cambio II

29 10 2012

Black and white photograph of a sculpture of Arnolfo di Cambio. Taken in the morning light by the Duomo in Florence, Italy

Eternal cloak of the pyroclastic flow – I

5 04 2010
Fossilized Pompeii citizen 79AD

Vesuvius victim - volcanic pyroclastic flow, morning of August 25th 79AD Pompeii

Beat the centaur XI

21 01 2010

Hercules beating the centaur Nessus in the 21st century

Beat the Centaur IX

21 01 2010

Hercules beating the centaur Nessus after Jean Boulogne's sculpture in Florence, Italy, with digitally hand painted sky. Copyright Robert Corkery, 2010.

Musicians of Spoleto

16 10 2009
Musicians of Spoleto

Musicians of Spoleto

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