Red rumped parrot in flight with artificial digital turbulent wake

6 06 2010
red rumped parrot digital painting turbulence flight bird

I caught a glimpse of this shy but apparently common bird in a 400 mm telephoto zoom. Some digital turbulence was added as homage to their fleetness towards my lens.


Total eclipse by balloon

3 06 2010

Total eclipse by balloon, Stockholm 2010

Arnolfo di Cambio IX

27 04 2010
Arnolfo di Cambio IX sculpture Florence Piazza del Duomo by Luigi Pampaloni, Firenze, Florence, Italy

Hand coloured digital photograph of a Luigi Pampaloni sculpture. The featured Tuscan sculptor and architect, Arnolfio di Cambio, worked in Florence in the 13th century . I painted the colours of di Cambio as they might have been - not necessarily as they were. Update: 7 Aug 2010 - The photography for this image was take just after sunrise in Florence, 2009. Digitally coloured April 2010.

Museum dreamscape II

13 04 2010

museum dream surreal carl milles sculpture

Eternal cloak of the pyroclastic flow – I

5 04 2010
Fossilized Pompeii citizen 79AD

Vesuvius victim - volcanic pyroclastic flow, morning of August 25th 79AD Pompeii

Anthropocene meteorite impact

2 03 2010

The Apostles, Port Campbell Australia 2008 with digital impact effect

Graffiti stained glass – VI

28 02 2010

Graffiti stained glass windows, Loppen live music venue in Christiania, Denmark Feb 2008

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