24 08 2010
ordered 2d periodic surface with perspective

ordered 2d periodic surface with perspective

Cart haulers Shanghai 2009

15 08 2010
cart haulers Shanghai night city scene

Carting wood through Shanghai at night

Ripple waves, dock and sailboat – Mefjärd island Stockholm archipelago

14 08 2010

sailboat silhouette Stockholm archipelago waves ripples dock island Mefjärd summer 2010


7 08 2010

color black colour shapes negative space positive Miro Picasso digital painting graphic design shape generator

Fauve girl XIII

3 08 2010

Fauve girl colour purple pink orange brown lilac vampire

white on white digital 2- II

2 08 2010

white on white digital painting

Mode 8

31 07 2010

mode fashion female woman face eyes hair looking down red blue black white vampire

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