Mercury transiting the Sun – 9 May 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden

9 05 2016


What a day. Incredible to watch one of our neighbouring planet block out some of the Sun’s light. Mercury is the small round dot below and to the left of the plane. The biggest sunspots are above and to the left of the plane, but some small ones near Mercury too. The shadow of the telescope frames the shot.


Here is another…



Here the clouds and Mercury, sunspots and the Sun and my shadow too.



Mercury is just at the lower edge late in its transit. A whole planet – just a dot on the face of the sun. Nice clouds too. So this is a portrait of Earth, Mercury and the Sun together!




False colour image to show the disc of Mercury


All photographs copyright Robert Corkery 2016

Transit of Venus, 2012 Stockholm

6 06 2012

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